Bill works mainly with couples including pre-married, as well as providing counseling for men’s issues. He has had many life experiences which contribute to his Godly wisdom and counsel, such as: Vietnam veteran (with PTSD); owning & operating 2 landscape related businesses; having been divorced; later remarrying and trying to make a blended family work; earning a second Masters degree after 40 yrs old & starting a new career in counseling.

Linda works mainly with children, adolescents and women's issues. She uses a very well equipped Play Therapy Room which the children love!  She works with many local lawyers involving child custody cases and will go to court on their behalf. She has also had many "growth producing" life experiences to contribute to her counseling expertise: earning her BA degree & teaching 2yrs; losing her 1st husband in the military, leaving her with a 2yr old; marrying Bill & starting a new life, blending two families; earning a MA degree in Counseling concurrently with Bill. 

Counseling Expertise         (ABOUT US)

The Need for Counseling

  • Counseling For Couples Families and Individuals in Farmington.
  • Christian psychotherapy or counseling is offered if desired.

Often individuals struggle with past emotional issues and faulty thinking. This causes problems which affect their current relationships with family and other people.  As mental health professionals, we want to address those false beliefs and help find solutions to those problems and situations which interfere with an individual’s ability to get the most enjoyment out of life. 

Because Bill and Linda are Christians, many individuals and families choose them because they share the same spiritual beliefs. This can be an important aspect  of their healing process. Bill & Linda are, however, very willing to work with individuals who desire to leave spirituality out of the counseling process.