Counseling Single Mothers w/ Children

Linda provides counseling for single parents and their children who live in our community. This is provided at a discounted fee per counseling session. We are always thankful for people who wish to help provide financial support to the Counseling Center so that we can continue to provide as much help as is needed and still meet our budget.

Couples Counseling

Bill works primarily with couples to help them learn how to communicate better & resolve conflict.  The biggest thing couples MUST learn to do is to be able to forgive one another.  Without forgiveness the relationship will NEVER be much better than average!  Helping the couple learn the differences between men & women related to thinking, emotions and likes/dislikes is also important in developing an exciting and enjoyable relationship.  Additionally looking at a lot of research data, it appears that the couple that “prays together stays together” if all else in the relationship is in order.

     COUPLES Contract

​  All couples wishing to enter into a counseling relationship with BILL EUBANK, will agree to the standards itemized in a Counseling Contract. (Click here for             ).   Those couples not wishing to sign such contract by the second counseling session will be terminated and referred to another counselor.

Play Therapy

   Linda counsels with many of the children and young adolescents in foster care at Navajo Ministries.  These children are either placed here by their families because of abusive or neglectful parents or are placed here by Navajo Social Services.  Most of these children are coming from traumatic environments.  They have difficulty in expressing anger, frustration and hurt, which can lead to inappropriate acting-out.  Linda also works with many children from the surrounding communities in the Four Corners area of the Southwest.  She is willing to testify in family court on behalf of those children involved in custody cases.